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Body Flush & Detox Punch

Recipe Punch with Herbal Beverage

I made this as a refreshing energy boost, nourishment and body cleanse! You can drink it daily for a boost in results and to just feel great! Great anytime especially hot days and to share with friends.

In this batch I mixed –
Herbalife Herbal Beverage – Peach or Original Lemon
Herbalife Liftoff – Ignite-Me Orange orĀ  Lemon-Lime Blast
Herbalife Aloe Concentrate – Original or Mango
Cut up Lemon, Lime, Orange, Kiwi Fruit, Cucumber, Banana, Strawberries
with fresh mint, water with lots of ice.

Alter to suit yourself. eg mineral or sparkling water.
Add in more or less – anything goes that is healthly!
Drink and enjoy!