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Lemon Mango Coconut Shake

Lemon Mango Coconut Shake - 20160716
A refreshing shake that tastes so nice!!
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Smoothie Bowl with Banana, Chia Seeds & Linseeds

Delicious smoothie shake bowl with banana, chia seeds and linseeds! Read more

Bok Choy Apple Cinnamon Shake

Bok Choy Apple Cinnamon Shake - 20160630

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Choc Smoothie Bowl with Bran, Coconut & Chia Seeds

Dolly Shake anyone??
Choc Smoothie Bowl with Bran, Coconut & Chia Seeds - 20160615

Blend 200ml of lite soy milk (or whatever healthy liquid you prefer e.g lactose free skim milk, almond milk, water etc…) with a serving of Herbalife shake Mix and Protein Powder for 3 minutes until thick and creamy.
Pour into bowl and add toppings!
This one has a sprinkle of all-bran, coconut and chia seeds to make a cute dolly face!!



Mango Chia Seed Shake

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Warm Apple Pie Shake

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Raspberry Shake

Shakes - Frozen Raspberries
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Lemon Cookie Chocolate

lemon cookie chocolate
I love this lemon zesty cookie chocolate! It is definitely a guilt free chocy treat! My faviourite chocolate treat!
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Walnut Choc Balls

Walnut Chocolate Balls
This recipe was inspired by herbie hog slice recipe. It has the same yummy taste but quicker and easy to make and it tastes so nice!  It is so healthy and yummy too!  My kids love them!
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Herbie Hog Slice

healthy hedgehog
The healthy hedgehog slice alternative that tastes so nice!  It is so healthy but so yummy too!  This is my faviourite treat snack recipe at the moment. I just love it and the kids love it too!
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