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Shaping up can be fun!  Find the exercise that works best for your lifestyle, whether in a gym, on a hiking path or on the go.  And make sure to check with your doctor before substantially increasing your level of exercise.  The go for it!  Consider a personal fitness routine that includes both aerobic and anaerobic exercise, as described below.

Aerobic Exercise
Aerobic exercise involves large muscle movements over a sustained period of time.  Running, fast walking and exercise classes are good examples.  You breathe harder, your heart beats faster and your muscles get a workout.

– Your metobolic rate increases and you burn more calories.
– You build muscle as you lose fat.
– Your heard and cardiovascular system become much healthier.
– Your mood improves, as exercise relieves feelings of stress and tension.

Anaerobic Exercise
Anaerobic exercise includes activities such as lifting weights and resistance training.  This kind of workout builds new muscle and has some great benefits.

– More muscle mass burns more calories.
– Building muscle tones and reshapes your body.
– Muscle mass helps protect bone mass, which is especially important for women.

Only 20 minutes of anaerobic exercise per day can make a dramatic change in your body’s shape and condition.  Combin it with daily aerobic workout and a healthy meal plan, and you’ll have longer lasting results as your metabolism increases due to building lean muscle.

Don’t forget that everyday activities offer the opportunity to burn calories.
– Use stairs not elevators
– Gardening
– Dancing
– Walking your dog

Walking is a great calorie burner.
A recent research study found that women who walked just over 1.5 km in 20 minutes burned just as many or more calories than those who ran the same distance in 12 minutes.  A 69 kg person can burn 132 calories ona fast 20-minute walk.

What’s your shape?
Women can carry weight in either their upper body, lower body or proportionally.  Men carry weight in either upper body.  Fat around the waist (upper body) usually means that there is also internal fat, which may cause serious health problems.

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Article Reference: Herbalife Success Guide

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