Lemon Cookie Chocolate

lemon cookie chocolate
I love this lemon zesty cookie chocolate! It is definitely a guilt free chocy treat! My faviourite chocolate treat!

What you need:

1/3 of a cup of Coconut Oil
6 spoons of Herbalife shake mix (whatever flavour you like e.g. cookies & cream)
1/2 zest from a lemon
A few drops of lemon essence

What to do:
Place the jar of coconut oil into a bowl of hot water to melt before measuring. Zest the lemon an lemon and put in a bowl. Measure the coconut oil into the same bowl and add in shake mix. Add the lemon essence. Mix through with a hand whisk.  Spoon in molds and set for 10 minutes in freezer.

Once set store chocolate in an air-tight container and put in the freezer ready for a healthy treat when you need it!  Easy!

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