Quick Home Workout


This is my core quick home strength workout. You can add in a bit of cardio (e.g. walking, running, cycling etc…) as well.

1. Push ups
2. Crunches
3. Squats

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Lemon Cookie Chocolate

lemon cookie chocolate
I love this lemon zesty cookie chocolate! It is definitely a guilt free chocy treat! My faviourite chocolate treat!
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Walnut Choc Balls

Walnut Chocolate Balls
This recipe was inspired by herbie hog slice recipe. It has the same yummy taste but quicker and easy to make and it tastes so nice!  It is so healthy and yummy too!  My kids love them!
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Herbie Hog Slice

healthy hedgehog
The healthy hedgehog slice alternative that tastes so nice!  It is so healthy but so yummy too!  This is my faviourite treat snack recipe at the moment. I just love it and the kids love it too!
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Choc Jaffa Balls

Snack Treat - Choc Jaffa Balls
My daughter made up a this one for me! Mmm they taste so good too! Mmm Jaffas..

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Avocado and Cottage Cheese Dip

Avocado and Cottage Cheese Dip
The Low Fat Guacamole alternative!
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How to Use up Excess Lemons

Heatlhy Cooking Tips - Lemons
Make lemon ice cubes! We had extra lemons on the tree so we decided to juice and ice them. Great to add to your water or to our ice tea. The kids love them too! Thanks to my hubby for juicing them for me! x

How to Store Fresh Basil

Heatlhy Cooking Tips - Basil
I love to use fresh basil in a lot of my cooking but to make it last I batch it up and put it in the freezer! That way I always have it on hand! I just grab it out of the freezer when I need it, give it a few taps and it crushes up ready to use.

Almond Choc Balls

Snack Treat - Herbalife Almond Choc Balls
A guilt free nutritious yummy almond choc snack!
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Healthy Chocolate Crackles

Snack Treat - Herbalife Chocolate Crackles
A guilt free chocy snack for you and the kids!
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