Recovery Snack Shake

Shake Recipe - Recovery Snack 2
This one is so nice as a Recovery Shake after exercise, as a Snack Shake (if you are not using the shakes as meal replacements) or as a low-calorie Meal Shake that you can also eat something with it (salad, fruit etc..) on the side as part of your meal!  It is also great as a simple Milk Free Shake shake.  This shake is also great as a Nutrition Blast Shake if you are sick with a cold or virus etc… and you feel off foods like milk, fruit, yogurt etc… as it gives you a blast of nutrition without all the extras. Normallly when you are sick you don’t feel a shake but this one works really well to help you stay on track and recover quicker!  It is wonderful!!   It tastes great too!

I put the following ingredients into the blender…
– 120 to 300ml Water (depending on how thick you like it)
– 2 – 3x Spoons of Herbalife’s Nutritional Shake Mix (add in more or less)
– 1x Spoon of Herbalife’s Protein Powder (or more)
Blend until creamy (approximately 1 minute) then add in ice and blend again.
Lots of Ice (approximately 5 to 8 ice-cubes or more – whatever you like)

It is packed full of nutrition at only 120 calories (with 3 spoons)!

Alter ingredient amounts to suit yourself and the number of shakes you are making. Blend with the ice crusher, then on slow for at least 1 minute. It makes a nice creamy shake this way just with water and ice!  Blend and serve!

One of my girls is off milk and loves the shakes made this way!!



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